A Juicy Burst in Every Bite!

Burst into real fruit juice goodness with every bite of NEW Juicefuls® Juice-Filled Fruit Snacks! The first and only fruit snacks made with REAL FRUIT and filled with 100% REAL FRUIT JUICES!

Juicefuls® is the delicious, better-for-you choice that you and your family will surely love. Each 80-calorie pouch provides 100% Daily Value (DV) Vitamin C, 25% DV Vitamins A & E, contains no preservatives, and is Fat Free and Gluten Free. Juicefuls® meets the demands of both kids and adults for a better choice in delicious snacks.

As part of a well-balanced diet, all snacks should be enjoyed in moderation.

Available varieties include:

Fruit Wave™: Strawberry · Orange · Concord Grape · Peach

Berry Mania: Strawberry · Raspberry · Blueberry · Cherry

Strawberry Blast

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